About YOG22

The seed funding received will support Gwydraid: Gwydr, Glass - a six month digital festival celebrating the artistic, economic, technical and scientific story of glass in Wales, past, present and future.

Internationa Year Of Glass

As an online destination, First Of March could not exist without glass - the world wide web relies on glass technology, our Makers communicate through the photographic images we upload and our customers and clients see our work through the glass surfaces of a desktop computer or phone. As a company showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of Wales, the beauty of glass as a desirable object or feature of our environment will be part of our DNA, so it was important for us and our Makers to be part of the 2022 UN story, celebrating the contribution of glass to science and technology, culture and economy.

From October 2022 First Of March will host a series of online exhibitions and related digital activities celebrating outstanding glass makers and architects from Wales as well as future stars, the history of glass production and innovation in Wales: the current innovators in industry and science.


The programme will include an online magazine, podcasts and social media ‘features’ culminating in a dedicated ‘coffee table’ publication to launch March 1st 2023 as part of Wales Week London and Wales Week International.

The story will be told in the voice of the maker, collector and client (private, industrial and commercial) capturing the full glory of glass in Wales.